Not able to see my website!

We have sometime receive clients complain of server not reachable, while their IP are blocked by server firewall.

Here are some faq related to server not reachable.

Q. I am not able to ping server / view my website / access cpanel page?
Ans. To check downtime, please check network issues at clients area
If no issue reported there, try to ping server from any alternate internet connection. In this case possibally your IP is blocked by server.
Another way to find out that your IP is blocked by server firewall, please follow below steps :

i. Open command prompt on your PC
ii. run below command
tracert yourwebsitename

If no result found in last hopes that is possible reason of your IP is blocked.

Q. Why server firewall block my IP?
Ans. Their are many reason for IP block.

i. Multiple wrong password attempt for cPanel, WHM, ftp and e-Mail account.
ii. Port scanning.
iii. More than 50 simatiunous connection to server.
iv. Mareware attack or any unauthorised activity on server.

Q. I have not done any abuse activity listed about but still my IP block.
Ans. Below are possible reasons.

i. If you are using dynamic IP, possible reason that someone to whom that IP earlier assigned have done abuse activites.
ii. Some time browser or program cache your password, even your are inputting correct password but browser or program uses cache one.
iii. Some time your system is infected with virus / malware / worm or other scanner, your system is doing abusing activites on server without your knowledge.

Q. What cautions I can take for this.
Ans. Below are some caution that elminate this issue forever :

i. Always proper log out from login and remove cookies.
ii. Keeps saved password at safe place or avoid save password.
iii. Keeps your virus infection free.
iv. After 2 login failure don't try to attempt login. Just go to clients area and change your passowrd.

Q. My IP is blocked, how I can get release that.
Ans. Below are the steps to overcome block IP situation :

i. Dynamic IP :
a. Just reconnect your internet, your system public IP will change and you can access server.
b. Open a support ticket in clients area

ii. Static IP :
a. Open a support ticket in clients area

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