Not Able to Send Mails from PHP Scripts

If you are facing issue sending mails from your Wordpress,drupal etc. scripts, then don't worry.

In recent days, we have found many outdated or nulled scripts installed on server sending spam mails by phpmail() which is enabled by default on all scripts. phpmail() doesn't require any authorization and mails can go out without login to mail account on server. To prevent this GoSSDHosting has decided to disable phpmail() function.

How can i send mails now?

Answer is, SMTP. You just need to enter SMTP details in your PHP Script.

Wordpress users can install this plugin "Postman SMTP" and it will auto configure your SMTP details.

Here are the SMTP default details:

Port: 465 / 25 /587
Username: [email protected]
Pass: yourmailpassword

You can generate your SMTP details on

(NOTE: Email entered should exist on server i.e you need to create email account in cpanel)


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